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Look cool, feel cool, and protect your interior and passengers

Specialized Window Tint Film

Installation Here In Bellingham

Vehicles more than 10 years old are tinted on a case-by-case basis. To inquire about tinting an older vehicle, please stop by our shop during our regular business hours, or call us at 360-778-2348.

For replacing existing tint we charge a removal fee separate from the tinting price. Laminated privacy glass, often seen in the back windows of trucks, vans, or SUVs, does not require removal before tinting. 

Your choice of shade can be chosen at the time of appointment. Note that there are certain legal limits that must be followed.
Tint Lady does not install illegal tint.


Ceramic Window Tint Films:
Redefining Automotive Comfort

We often assume that blocking sunlight is the same as blocking heat, but the truth is that most heat from the sun comes in the invisible form of infrared radiation. Like UV radiation, infrared heat is not good for your interior upholstery or trim - and it can make long drives miserable for both driver and passengers. 

Ceramic films are manufactured specifically to block heat and harmful UVA/UVB radiation regardless of how much or little light they allow to pass through. Now you can enjoy the exact look, feel, and protection you desire, all with cutting-edge window film technology from XPEL and Tint Lady.

Window Tinting at Tint Lady: The Facts

UV Radiation

UV radiation damages interior components and causes skin and eyesight damage for passengers. Any film you choose at Tint Lady has been tested and confirmed to block 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays. 


Infrared heat can ruin an otherwise luxurious driving experience. Tint Lady's ceramic films by XPEL can block up to 98% of radiating heat from entering a vehicle, keeping you cool.

Visible Light and Glare

Light and glare cause unwanted and unnecessary eye strain, headaches, and discomfort. And more light means less privacy. Tint Lady will professionally tint your windows down to the legal limits to protect you, your passengers, and your vehicle.


When we install window film at Tint Lady, we expect lasting results. That's why all of our tint installations come with a transferrable lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects or installation errors. 

Learn more about tinting and other services on our frequently asked questions page:

XPEL Prime CS Window Tint

Safety And Color Stability Like Never Before

When comfort and cost are key, dyed window tint won't let you down. PRIME CS BLACK can cut out the glare, protect your skin from harmful UV rays, and make any journey that much more enjoyable.

XPEL Prime XR Nano-Ceramic Window Tint

The Latest in Heat and UVA/UVB blocking technology

There's no better place to start than the top. If you're wanting the most out of your next window tint application, it's time to start looking at nano-ceramic film options from XPEL. Designed for maximum UV protection & heat rejection. this window tint can keep your vehicle cooler & more comfortable wherever you're headed.

XPEL Prime XR Plus Nano Ceramic Window Tint 

The Pinnacle of High Performance Film. Period.

If you're looking for maximum performance & protection from your window tint, look no further than nano-ceramic window film like PRIME XR PLUS. This ceramic tint is designed to block out the most infrared heat possible, while reflecting harmful UV rays to keep you safe. No matter the shade, ceramic window tint delivers results.

Window Tinting Is 
Multi-Purpose  Protection 

Skin Cancer Foundation recommended logo

When you hear the term ‘window tinting’, what comes to mind? We are sure the obvious image painted in most individual’s minds is a sleek, dark glass effect on an exotic sports car, and those individuals are not wrong. However, does the concept of interior protection, privacy, and even driver and passenger safety come to mind? 

We at Tint Lady are here to remind you that these are vital and notable characteristics of our XPEL Window Tint Film packages that bring your vehicle multi-purpose value. We offer a variety of individual window tinting packages for customers located here in Bellingham and in the Pacific Northwest.

So explore some of the dynamic, unique benefits of XPEL Window Tint Films, and don’t forget to contact us for more information. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, fill out our contact form or call 

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Washington State
Window Tint Regulations

As many vehicle owners may know, each state in our country has their own specialized window tint film laws and regulations, depending on what type of vehicle you drive. Here at Tint Lady, we kept these laws and regulations in mind when creating our packages, especially those that directly impact drivers of Washington. For your peace of mind, we have broken these down below:

The Washington State laws regarding window tint darkness varies based on type of vehicle and windows being tinted. On a Sedan, all side and rear windows must allow at least 24% of light to pass through. On an SUV, minivan, or truck, the front door windows must allow at least 24% of light in, whereas all rear door, quarter, and back windows can be as dark as desired. A windshield can have a tinted visor strip along the top six inches of glass, or a clear film applied to the full windshield to block heat and UV rays. It is illegal to tint a full windshield, or to install a visor on top of a clear film.


Tint Lady only tints windows in accordance with Washington State law. For more information, read the law itself: RCW 46.37.430 

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