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Lasting Protection for Luxury EVs

Tesla Services at
Tint Lady in Bellingham

Paint Protection Film from
Xpel and Tint Lady

Only paint protection films are designed to prevent against physical damage like rock chips, key scrapes, and door dings. When hazards and defect-causing disasters can be found at every turn, even right in your garage or parking spot, the best way to protect your paint is by installing a self-healing shield at Tint Lady!

Supplied by XPEL, our paint protection film packages are glossy, clear urethane wraps that adhere safely and securely to your Tesla’s painted exterior surfaces. We have a licensed, insured, and certified PPF installation team here in Bellingham that work exclusively with clear bra installations, so you know that the job will get done right every time.


Tesla Detailing

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Maintenance Washes

Essential for maintaining a healthy paint or ceramic coating, decontamination washes involve removing dirt, tar, iron deposits, and other contamination that can damage your Tesla's shine.

Car interior

Interior Detailing

Carpet and upholstery extraction, leather conditioning, stain and odor elimination, and more. Tint Lady detailing can bring your interior back as closely as possible to brand new condition. 

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Exterior Paint Correction

We work panel-by-panel, using compound and polish to remove scratches from your vehicle’s paint. While it is time-consuming and labor-intensive, this process ensures that your finish will be as defect-free as possible.


Ceramic Window Tint Films:
Redefining Automotive Comfort

We often assume that blocking sunlight is the same as blocking heat, but the truth is that most heat from the sun comes in the invisible form of infrared radiation. Like UV radiation, infrared heat is not good for your interior upholstery or trim - and it can make a long drive miserable for both driver and passengers. 

Ceramic films are manufactured specifically to block heat and harmful UVA/UVB radiation, regardless of how much or little light they block. Now you can enjoy the exact look, feel, and protection for your Tesla, all with cutting-edge window technology from Xpel and Tint Lady.

Window Tinting at Tint Lady: The Facts

UV Radiation

UV radiation damages interior components and causes skin and eyesight damage in passengers. Any film you choose at Tint Lady has been tested and confirmed to block 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays. 


Infrared heat can ruin an otherwise luxurious driving experience. Tint Lady's ceramic films by Xpel can block up to 98% of radiating heat from entering a vehicle, keeping you cool

Visible Light and Glare

Light and glare cause unwanted and unnecessary eye strain, headaches, and discomfort. And more light means less privacy. Tint Lady will gladly tint your Tesla's windows down to the legal limits to protect you, your passengers, and your vehicle.


When we tint windows at Tint Lady, we expect lasting results. That's why all of our tint installations come with a transferrable lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects or installation errors. 

The Tint Lady Promise

Driving an electric vehicle is a treat, but caring for a new vehicle can be stressful.


At Tint Lady, we want customers to trust that our products and services are honest and reliable, and of the highest quality. So we only offer the highest-quality products, carefully installed by the most skilled technicians.

If you have questions or concerns, we want to help. Please reach out and let us show you why we are the best preventative automotive care company in the Northwest. 

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