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Hand-applied protective coatings that increase luster and shield paint from chemical contamination

Ceramic Coating Experts
at Tint Lady

Vehicles more than five years old are coated on a case-by-case basis. 

You Need Extensive Exterior Protection In The Pacific Northwest

Pronounced seasonal weather in Bellingham will have you washing your vehicle frequently throughout the year. Your vehicle will look cleaner for longer and the process of washing will be a breeze when you choose a hydrophobic ceramic coating from Tint Lady.

The benefit of a ceramic coating applied to your car, truck, or SUV by our skilled and experienced coating installation team is that weather, airborne contamination, and the damaging effects of precipitation will never come in contact with your actual paintwork. By forming a molecular bond with your finish, our ceramic coatings cure over your clear coat or paint protection film hardening into an ultra-slick surface that keeps all types of solid and liquid contaminants from embedding in or latching onto your vehicle's surface while protecting the vehicle's paint from fading. And since ceramic coating is non-reactive, it can be safely applied to plastics, rubber, glass, and wheels.

Ceramic coatings cure to a smoother molecular surface than clear coat or paint protection film. A noteworthy byproduct of the coating is that your vehicle’s paintwork will be glossier in ways otherwise unattainable by uncoated finishes. From magnifying sparkle to showing off dimensional depth, ceramic coatings are a leader in paint protection and in helping to protect a vehicle's value.

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shiny grey Lotus sports car

Vehicle Prices:
Small: $799  /  Medium: $999  /  Large: $1199

Ceramic coating packages at Tint Lady include a full decontamination wash and multi-step polishing process to remove swirls and light scratches, followed by complete 2-layer ceramic coating coverage on all painted surfaces, exterior glass (except windshield), trim, plastics, and wheel faces.

2-Year Coating

CQUARTZ UK 3.0 bonds at the molecular level to seal and protect surfaces from environmental contaminants, oxidation, and insect acids. It also provides resistance to paint fading and losing it's luster. Ceramic hydrophobic properties repel dirt and liquids, making surfaces easier to clean.

Designed to be installed and maintained in the cold and rain-soaked regions of the United Kingdom, CQUARTZ UK 3.0 is a perfect fit for vehicles driven in the elements of the Pacific Northwest.

shiny classic car that has been ceramic coated

Ceramic Coating and PPF that Work Together

A common question we get from customers is whether automotive ceramic coating or paint protection film is the best choice. Because each one offers different benefits, many customers choose to have both paint protection film and ceramic coating installed. 

Wondering which one is right for you? It depends on what protection you are interested in. PPF and ceramic are both hydrophobic, which basically means they have a water-shedding surface. This translates to greater overall durability for PPF, and deep shine for ceramic. 

If you want serious, self-healing protection against scratches and impact damage such as rock chips, you want PPF. If you want defense against oxidation and chemical corrosives with a slick, glassy finish, you want ceramic. But if you want tough physical AND chemical protection with a lasting glossy shine? You want both. The combination gives you the benefits of chip protection combined with the gloss and ease of cleaning provided by the ceramic coating.

Ultimate Plus PPF from Xpel and CQUARTZ UK 3.0. Two protection products to complement one another perfectly, installed in Whatcom exclusively by Tint Lady.

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             PPF                  Ceramic Coating

chemical stains

Stops chemical

Keeps car looking
newer for longer

prevents fading

Invisible Finish

          Stops rock chips

Prevents swirl marks        

Absorbs small     

prevents hard
water spots


hydrophobic surface


              Keeps contamination
              off paint and trim

              Makes cleaning        

Enhances gloss                 


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