Headlight Lens Restoration

Starting at $99 per pair

Why Do I Need My Headlights Restored? 
Are you having problems seeing at night or even being seen at night? The cloudy, faded, yellowed or dull headlight lenses are potential dangers as the headlights are not functioning to their full capacity. It has been well documented by safety industries that dim headlights have played a serious role in major car accidents.

Our restoration process includes several steps utilizing graded sanding, buffing and fine polishing. Our experienced technicians will carefully revitalize the plastic headlight lens from clouding and hazing without damaging or weakening the integrity of your headlights.
The Results.
Restoring your headlights will bring your light output and clarity back to a factory “like new” condition. Your cars appearance will be enhanced for better resale value as well. You will have avoided the cost of dealer replacement lenses which can be as high as $500.

Before & After